Angelos's Transmitter

Dear Max,

I am sending you the files of the PCB designs that I made on EasyEDA as I promised. I am not an expert on making PCBs but the files I attach work well for me. I ordered the PCB boards from JLCPCB and I was pretty satisfied with the quality.

Since I do not wave a signal source with more than 4Vpp to drive the exciter, I included a simple 2 transistor amplifier in front of the CD4013 (or CD40106 in my case).

I am sure that the designs need further optimization but I think it would be very helpful for someone to start with the construction of the transmitter. I also attached a photo from my final assembly.

Feel free to make any changes if you wish!

Best regards and greetings from Greece!
Angelos Ntimtsas
P.S. In case that there is a problem with the format of the attached files, please let me know.


Exciter Schematic

Power Amplifier Schematic

Gerber Files Download